Larger Than Knife


MisSa Blue currently ranks No. 1 ‘Most influential Burlesque industry figure in Europe and No. 21 world wide. Generated by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine


MisSa Blue the iconic Burlesque and Variety star who has gained international recognition through her high end sword swallowing performances. Since launching her career 2010 in London she continuously headlines Gala events, Variety shows and Burlesque festivals around the world. MisSa is playing a leading role in Germany’s GOP Theatre production ‘Freaks’, is frequently interviewed by platforms like the BBC, seen on TV and recently spoke on TEDx on her success story of becoming a performer. She has an active voice globally supporting black Performance Art and is pioneering in the Burlesque world with her invitation as first sword swallower to perform at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas!

Further commitments:

MisSa Blue is currently in a long term contract and spends 6 month of the year working for GOP Varieté in Germany. In 2017 MisSa toured the UK with Carnesky Production’s critically acclaimed show “The Incredible Bleeding Woman” (4 stars, The Guardian) and in Australia with the breathtaking award winning fire circus Fuego Carnal. In 2016 she was part of the “Artist in Residence” programme at the queer performance art space DUCKIE . She performs regular at London Wonderground, Soho Theatre, Underbelly Festival, Edinburg, Adelaide, Perth Fringe Festival and is part of the international team of Club Torture Garden. MisSa is intensively touring the world to headline elaborate productions or to join international theatre festivals like Cervantino in Mexico. She has recently  performed in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Tijuana + Guanajuato Mexico and is touring annually througout Australia. Regular European appearances include the luxury Supperclub Amsterdam, Cabaret Lune and Ohlala Cherie in Switzerland. MisSa has headlined the Oslo Burlesque Festival and Stuttgart Burlesque Festival and has spoken on TEDx about her journey to become a sword swallower.